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     As a resident of District 2, I have had the pleasure of volunteering with Carlos before he became a council member. It has been a tremendous honor to see him serve every resident in our city, regardless of who they voted for, or what area they live in.

     As a community leader, it is inspiring to see Council Member Manzo dedicated to helping our city flourish from within. He has been present for many community events as well as visiting students in our school district who are interested in one day becoming leaders themselves.

     I have the privilege of knowing Carlos as both a genuinely great person, and a leader. 

Claudia Steinmetz

District 2 resident since 2013

     From Day 1, Council Member Carlos Manzo has been a warrior for Westminster families, fighting every day for safer neighborhoods, cleaner streets, and greater access to vital services, parks, and recreational activities.

     I strongly endorse Carlos for another term on City Council.

Jamison Power 

Resident and former WSD board trustee 



     Carlos Manzo has proven to be exactly who we need in our City Council. He is unbiased, conscientious, trustworthy, experienced, collaborative, professional, friendly to everyone, and a deep thinker. Carlos cares for everyone in our city. I am excited to endorse him to a second term!

David Johnson

Trustee, Westminster School District

Candidate, OC Board of Education



     Carlos Manzo is an honest and dedicated public servant whose genuine passion is protecting and serving all of the citizens of our community.

Diana Lee Carey

Westminster Resident

and Trustee HBUHSD

     I have been a resident of Westminster for 54 years, as well as a business owner in the city going on 12 years. I’m the Vice Chairman of the Posse Bar Foundation and happy to say, a friend of Mr. Carlos Manzo.

     As a resident, business owner and friend, I and my foundation supports and endorses Carlos Manzo in the next election.

John Gentile 



     Thank you, Carlos, for always making yourself available and accessible to all constituents. You work diligently to serve our community to the best of your abilities. It is evident that you have the interests of the public at heart, and this is reflected in every decision you have made.

     Thank you for all that you do, and please know that you will always have our unwavering support!

Roxanne Chow

Resident of Westminster

for over 2 decades 



Reliability, dependability — first and foremost 

Sherif Guirguis

Westminster Business Owner

for 24 Years



     Carlos Manzo is a genuine, honest individual.

     Carlos does not represent my district but he has always been more than willing to go out of his way to help when I needed things from City Hall.

     Carlos actually takes the time to listen to residents. He is fair and balanced. Even if you don’t agree with him, Carlos will listen to you and try to find a solution. He genuinely cares for all citizens of the city of Westminster And he focuses on the city of Westminster. Without Carlos, our City Council would truly not be for the people.

     Carlos is not a politician. He is truly a man of the people. I hold him in high regard and have the upmost respect for him, and I wish him well in his election campaign.

Danny Meza 

Westminster Resident


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