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  • Proven Leadership
  • Fiscally Responsible
  • Impeccable Integrity
  • Community Unifier
  • A Voice of Reason
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From the moment he was elected to City Council in 2020, Carlos Manzo has focused on improving Westminster’s financial situation. Above all, he recognizes our City’s need for revenue if we’re to resolve our issues. And the key to healthy growth, Carlos believes, lies in attracting new business and developing new streams of revenue. 


As a residential homebuilding supervisor, Carlos has the necessary experience to adhere to tight budgets, oversee sizeable workforces, and coordinate the many facets of these enterprises with a wide variety of businesspeople and government entities. And he’s brought these skills to bear in all his dealings as City Councilman.


A strong supporter of Measure Y in 2022, the funding measure needed to keep the City out of bankruptcy, Carlos pressed for its inclusion on the ballot when it was opposed by a majority on the Council. His support proved justified, for the measure was approved by almost 70% of the voters. He’s continued his strong support for fiscal solvency by approving new electronic billboards along the freeways, a new stream of revenue which will earn the city some $120 million over the next 30 years. He also worked diligently to help develop the Westminster Mall Specific Plan, the blueprint by which the City will ensure the responsible development of this valuable property.


While restoring the City’s financial security is a top priority, Carlos also seeks to root out inefficient spending, end City Hall corruption, and improve the quality of life for everyone in Westminster. Recognized by citizen groups, City staff, and local media as both a unifier and a voice of reason, Carlos has sought to build trust and support in the Community and on the Council as he has addressed the City’s most pressing needs. With eight years experience on the Planning Commission, which he chaired for two of those years, Carlos has brought his experience, knowledge, and passion for the City to bear on all his efforts as a first-term Council Member.


With unflinching purpose, Carlos addressed from the beginning the difficult problem of homelessness in the City. He was an early and ardent supporter of the new Central Cities Navigation Center, the collaborative effort between Westminster, Garden Grove, and Fountain Valley to leverage resources and seek solutions to this most troubling of issues. The project broke ground in June 2023 and is anticipated to be operational by Spring 2024. In addition, Carlos supported the hiring of new Homeless Liaison Officers by the Westminster PD, a move which has had a substantial positive impact for the City.


And as he did with homelessness, Carlos brought the same strong purpose and even-handed approach to the issue of street vendors in the City. By carefully balancing the rights of the vendors against the interests of the community, Carlos helped craft a new ordinance to establish license and sanitation policies for the street vendors. In just its first few months, the ordinance has created a framework for legal operations within the City while it provides the regulatory foundation to deal with non-compliant operators.


It wasn’t only issues and finances which engaged Carlos’ interest: From the start he sought to resolve the City’s harmful merry-go-round of changes in management. An early supporter of Christine Cordon as City Manager, her permanent appointment to the position in June 2022 helped provide needed stability within City staff. Her appointment of Adolfo Ozaeta as Assistant City Manager, and her hiring of Chief Darin Lenyi to head the police department, helped ensure there would be principled, competent management to lead the City.


Along with these personnel changes, Carlos was instrumental in getting a new municipal code written governing public officials interactions with City employees. This helped assure the Community that City business would be conducted with integrity by all.


Council Member Manzo entered office with plans to represent his community with honor, respect, and dignity. He and his wife, Lisa, have lived in Westminster for over three decades. In those years, they’ve raised four children and seen them all graduate from the City’s public education system. Over the years, they were active in the PTA while their children participated in the Junior Firefighters, the Westminster PD Explorers, and various sports, cheerleading, music, and drama programs. They are proud of their time in the City and look forward to the opportunity of continued service. 


A vote for Carlos Manzo is a vote for good government in the City of Westminster. Re-elect Carlos Manzo, the voice of reason on the Westminster City Council.

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